Saturday, April 14, 2007

another gross food entry down

a lot of what happened last night i can't write about until next friday. so let me say a quick thank you to d and j, ch, c and k, b and cl, a and s for all dropping by! next time i'll try to be living in a bigger apartment so it's not as crowded. haha.

i can mention that i was successful in getting someone to play "katamari" (i'd been wanting to watch it all day. not play it, mind, but watch it.)

so yeah, thanks, cl for unwittingly participating in my subliminal experiment (i played the soundtrack to the game in the kitchen earlier in the evening. mwah-haa!!) and for picking up the controller! hooray!

i can mention that b and i had a shootout! kapew!! kapew!!

and that she also shot cl!!

oh noes!

i also feel safe in saying that, why, yes. we did drink some beer.

which, well, considering the "food" that was being "served", um, yeah. you'd've been drinking too if you'd been there. i'm almost sure of it.

the rest? yeah, sorry. i've got to save it until next week. for now, i've got to get started on video editing. le sigh...

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