Thursday, April 12, 2007

one corey, ice cream, grotesque

the highlights of yesterday? the "true hollywood story" about corey feldman (my favorite corey, for the record, even despite his michael jackson phase.) and uuuh...oh yes! i drew a lot! *whew* so i didn't waste most of the day!

later in the pm, j came by for lasagna. and then ice cream! which, of course, was turned into ice cream sammiches. (i'll turn anything into a sandwich. i like portable food. *shoulder shrug*) anyway, here's j with the melon baller (*giggling*)

i asked him if he'd like to use the reamer after the baller but he politely declined. haha!

here's his finished open faced ice cream sammiches with magic shell and lime zest.

awesome presentation!

i started reading grotesque later that night after "futurama" was over. (wow, how exciting.) it's a pretty good book so far.

oh! looks like we're getting a new water heater installed tomorrow (we just got a note on the door) which means that i should make my swapatorium food today in case i need hot water. ciao for now.

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