Wednesday, July 30, 2008

still aching plus i've moved on flickr or should that be fuckr?

no pics today, my little loves. and it's not because your auntie mame is hung.

if you've been keeping up with my tiny life, you know that i've been dealing with the back issue. that continued on monday and tuesday.

the good news is that i'm getting better! in fact, today i might even be able to pick things off of the floor.

the bad news is that i have to rush the healing process because we're having company in from out of town on sat and i have to clean.

while we're on the subject of bad news (well, no, not really. perhaps it's just annoying news.) i've had to abandon the rakka fuckr, er, flickr account. why? because yahoo is a bitch, that's why.

oh, i could ramble on about how much i hate them and their pathetic company but i think perhaps i'll just sit back and enjoy the hostile takeover bid that microsoft is throwing their way. again. go get 'em, bill! kill their stock value! *huge grin*

anyway, if you'd like to continue following my mudane existence in pictorial form, you'll have to do it at the new rakkadeer account.

i'm not sure if i'm going to bother going pro with it. i'm loathe to give those little bitches the money. i'll keep you posted.

as for now, however, i have a date with a bottle of mrs. meyers cleaner. ciao, bellas!


santos. said...

bwaaaa! a friend of mine was with his boyfriend one morning after a night of boozin' and carousin'. he said, "oh god. i'm hung. aren't you?" his boyfriend looked down at his crotch and said "um, i guess so." hahaaa!

r4kk4 said...


i've always loved that that phrase can be read two ways! :D!

Jenny said...

omg I had similar ridiculous woes with my flickr/yahoo. yahoo would NOT give me back my password. I finally got someone at flickr support to help, somewhat, but it was quite the stupid ordeal, so you have my sympathy!

r4kk4 said...

yahoo is such a shitty company with horrible customer service.

i hate that you've had to deal with a similar situation. :(