Monday, July 21, 2008

a couple of days in the neighborhood

thanks to "the blues brothers", mild weather and not leaving the boundaries of queen anne (but not venturing to the bite of seattle), it was an all around satisfactory weekend.

instead of the bite, leff and i attended the opening of the new counterbalance park. there were city council members galore (along with greg nichols) as well as many dogs. here is one of them.

it's appropriate really since the first passenger on the trolley was a terrier. for realsies.

who likes to rock the party? that's right! new zealand!

why were we in the new zealand section at larry's/metro? because leff and i bought quite a bit of wine this weekend now that we have a "wine cellar". you know, an ikea wine rack inside of the malkovich space?

my favorite of the bunch label wise? ('cause we buy primarily by the way the label looks) layer cake. although i'll probably be disappointed when it doesn't taste like cake.

no, that's not really a related picture. so what? this next one isn't either but it's divine.

really. it is.

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