Friday, July 11, 2008

sweetness and light (with a second hand celebrity sighting!)

first things first! here're a couple of opening announcements that should be of particular interest to you if you happen to live in the seattle area.

numero uno: jon knox/hello brute's opening for "a boy who won't be good" is from 6-9p tonight at schmancy. jon is already in town so please swing by and give him a warm pnw welcome!

secondly! cakespy jessie is the featured artist this month at venue! (more info) she'll be a part of the ballard art walk on saturday.

go give her a high five and have a cupcake!

speaking of cakespy jessie, she invited me to tag along to the daily candy book launch. (thanks, jessie!) it was exactly what i thought it would be but still managed to be fun. (i'll let you figure that one out on your own, gpiss sherlocks. *wink*)

i wonder if anyone ever ate any of these cupcakes...

okok, so sp20 is going on, right? there are several of my favorite people in town (the conchords, david cross, kristen schaal...)

speaking of kristen schaal, leff saw her last night when he was on the bus! i'm so jealous!

(kissten schaal for s&f)

i'm hoping to catch a glimpse of her and the other aforementioned people while i'm near the moore this afternoon. (it's weird! i've never been excited by the possible proximity of celebrity before. it's like i don't even know myself!)

in other not as thrilling news, i should have time to try out my new ceramic coffee cup.

i'm *really* into this thing! (esp since my coffee "cosy" fits around it.)

that pretty much sums up the past two days. i've been scattered because there's been a lot going on behind the scenes but i'm absolutely into all of the sunshine we've been having this week! (you were wondering when the "light" part of the title was going to happen, weren't you?)


bonnie said...

I think kristen schaal looks so much like miranda july, it's confusing.

r4kk4 said...

it is a bit but i actually LIKE kristen schaal's work, so there's a difference. HAHAHAHA!