Monday, July 14, 2008

openings and other things

so what did you do this fine july weekend, chitterlings? did you attend a billion art openings? me neither. but i did manage to make it to two! the first of which was for hello, brute/jon knox's show at schmancy!

i adore jon and his roomie tim! if you guys are reading this back in san fran, it was a *lot* of fun hanging out on friday night! i hope that you got to see david cross!

also, thanks for all the beer!

while at jon's opening, leff and i were lucky enough to score some free tickets to the sp20 comedy show!

we were able to see both kristen schaal's and todd barry's acts! so hooray for us! and many, many thanks to the sub pop employee who slid the tickets our way! you rock!

wait, i just realized that if you're not in the seattle area, you might not be aware of the big 20th anniversary celebration of sub pop records that was going on this weekend. it was a sizable deal. don't believe me? check out exhibit a.

and for those of you who like motion, here's the city flyin' the flannel.

(yeah, yeah, i know that fIREHOSE was never on sub pop. shut up.)

in all honesty, i was fairly excited about this whole anniversary thing. in fact, the 15 year old me (that is, sadly, still not far from the surface all these years later) was beside her flannel clad, steel toed boot wearing, tad listening, grape kool aid hair dyed, sassy reading self.

you know what's even scarier than being a 15 year old trapped in a 35 year old's body? this!

archie mcphee can be so, so creepy at times.

anyway, let's move on to opening two! saturday night saw leff and me at venue for cakespy jessie's show! sadly none of the photos of her work came out. (you can go to her etsy shop, however, and get a good idea of what it's like!)

she made some *adorable* cupcakes. here's a blurry shot of her twinkie hot dogs!

and of the chicken ring.

sorry, inside joke.

sunday was, when compared to friday and saturday, quite dead.

but there were fluffy pink scooters

and we finally bought curtains for the living room.

(they need to be slightly adjusted but i'm happy with the overall look.)

k, i need to finish up the apt before wed (when leff has an old college roomie in town) so smell you later!


Valency said...

What did Jessie put in the Twinkies to make mini hot dogs (I'm hoping that it's not actual hot dogs) - I've seen the 'sushi' made from Twinkies, but the dogs are great! She's so creative...

r4kk4 said...

she *is* awesome!

i'm not sure how she did it but i'll ask! :D!

r4kk4 said...

valency! all these days later i have an answer! (sorry for the delay) jessie made sugar cookies that were dyed hot dog color and placed them in the twinkies after they'd been baked!

hope that helps!