Friday, July 25, 2008

two more days

despite dealing with the annoyances of yahoo's minions (the less said about the better), it hasn't been such a bad two days. j and i attended "the boss of you" event at velocity.

yes, yes. it's blurry but here are the authors, emira mears and lauren bacon.

next month, i'll be one of the people presenting at the "bring and brag" lab. it'll be about suspect and fugitive. i'll post details closer to the date for those of you that care.

i know i say this every year, but i cannot believe that there are hydrangeas blooming so late in the year here.

that is absolutely one of my most favorite blues in the world. it's, like, phthalo blue mixed with titanium white. delicious!

what else? oh, yes! leff received a nice bonus at his job (i won't mention why because it'll embarrass him but he's awesome and i'm really quite proud of him.) so we've put a rush on spiffy-ing up the place. here are two pillows that he bought on etsy. peel loves them!

recognize the one on the right? it was on craft blog the other day. i have to admit to that having been a bit disorienting at first. but then i thought, to quote leff, "you snooze, you lose, bitches!"

k, it's time for me to get back to work. just remember, nobody fucks with the cheesus.

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