Friday, July 04, 2008

odds and ends

happy 4th of july from your uncle spam, fellow 'merkins!

(uncle spam for s&f)

happy friday to the rest of you. you know that my hipster haired cat

and i don't normally celebrate patriotic holidays. (well, aside from drinking.) "uncle spam" was just too goofy of an idea to pass up.

so lessee, what's new? i have two new teeth! well, ok, part of two new teeth. my fillings are all new fangled and shaped to look like they're...uh, not fillings but teeth instead. this is incredible to me since my old fillings are a dark silver metal and hella' ugly. viva technology!

i picked up a few books for the nephew to be and, i'll be honest, i almost kept both miffy and bunnies' abc from which this deer is excerpted.

i also made one last onesie for my nephew to shake his booties in.

i was going to rant on about how much i still hate emp (and their current underwhelming robot exhibit) but, whatevs. i'm sure you all know by now what a huge waste of time and money (even on free first thursdays) that place is and you don't need me to tell you. if you do need for me to tell you,'s a huge waste of time and money.

right, the beer in my fridge isn't going to drink itself! see you monday!

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