Friday, July 18, 2008

i get pretty bitchy plus some photos

i need to air a grievance, puptents. you know how i don't like to talk smack about people that i know in rl online. while i won't name names, today i'm making an exception to that rule. a certain someone (actually a few someones) who live in eastern standard and central time zones keep forgetting that i fucking live in the pacific time zone and am, therefore, SEVERAL HOURS BEHIND THEM.

so no matter how well meaning their texts and phone calls are when it's 8am their time (which, honestly, still too fucking early to call), it's FUCKING 5 A.M. MY TIME. i can't be bothered to give a shit about ANYTHING at that hour much less social niceties particularly if i've just finally managed to fall sleep. i've lived here almost 3 years now. how long is it going to take you to learn to do the simple math?!?!

so a warning to you few. CUT IT THE FUCK OUT#@!!#@#@!!#@ if it happens again, i'll call you at 2 am MY time just to shoot the shit.

ok. sorry to get all stabbity but, you know, sleep is a big deal to me. esp since i'm in the middle of another bout of insomnia.

moving on, jessie is awesome!

i tagged along with her to venue the other day. sadly there was a broken gnome.

but, happily, a cute puppy.


what else? um, i'm working on a lot of things that i can't talk about yet. like, a LOT of things. hopefully, i'll be able to tell you about them soon. until then, check out a sketch for a new project i've started working on. (yes, in addition to s&f.)

tigers are fucking awesome.

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