Sunday, April 30, 2006

oh, stephen colbert! how i love thee! let me count the ways! one onethousand, two onethousand...

did you SEE stephen colbert at white house correspondents' dinner last night on cspan? DID YOU?!? because if you haven't and if you haven't read what everyone else on the internets has already said, you should get your hands on it any way you can! (links found via mefi.)

hell, tivo it offa' cspan! just trust me, it's fucking BRILLIANT! i've heard that the rebroadcasts even have an insert showing bush's reaction to colbert's comments and i've *got* to see it! (leff and i caught it live last night. we're wondering if bush is going to have colbert deported for having the balls to tell the truth about his presidency.)

(*laughing to self at memory of colbert's grilling of bush and developing even more of a crush on stephen colbert at the same time* (it's mulittasking.))

it's stephen colbert's head!  live!  on cspan last night!

(sorry it's a photo from the end of the speech. i was too busy laughing to properly take a photo while he was talking.)

also, unrelated to the correspondants' dinner and of interest only to me, i FINALLY found a place where i can link to the image of a box of big mix cereal, the foodstuff that sustained me through my senior year of high school! (that and diet coke and chocolate milk. but not all together in one bowl.) so a big thank you to the person that posted the photo of the box! *kisses!*

right, i don't know about you, but i'm going to watch cspan now. and THAT'S a sentence that i never thought i'd type.

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