Friday, April 14, 2006

happy holidays

happy spring holidays, chickadees!

happy freakin' easter

it's cold. (and i'm tired.)

actually, it's not that cold. i'm just not used to spring at this latitude. in other words, i'm kind of grumpy because i can't run around in a cute skirt, short sleeves, flip-flops and sunglasses yet.

yesterday was my kid brother's 29th birthday. i know, i know, 29 makes him "not a kid anymore" but i still think of him as one. (hell, i still think of myself as one.) which makes it hard to come to terms with the fact that next year he'll be 30. *sigh* this getting older business sucks.

(btw, happy bday, speedy buggy. MWAH-HAAA-HAAAAAAA!!!)

on a completely different and totally ridiculous note, i'm smitten with joanne fluke's baking/murder books. i realize that admitting this in public moves me dangerously closer to being an official spinster ladywoman. but i don't care. i still don't know how to knit. (again, MWAH-HAAA-HAAAA!!!)

oh, before i go, here's a brief conversation i had with my favorite checkout guy at safeway.

him (looking at my trader joe's canvas bag): trader joe's? what are you doing with that bag in here? isn't that illegal or something?

me: devious *is* my middle name.

(time passes. exhange of money and goods occurs)

him: thanks so much! have a nice day, devious!

me: *cracking up*

right. and now i must continue with my day. i think leff and i are taking the ferry this weekend to see bremmerton's newly restored wpa era, art deco library.

yes, i think that's fun. *pbbbt!*


duwbryd said...

I am trying to deside if this pic is scary or cute!

r4kk4 said...

honestly, i just thought it was goofy. heh heh!

but i'll go with scary. ;D