Thursday, April 06, 2006

st mario

and there she is! the st mario painting (after francis of assisi, of course) that i submitted to the i am 8bit contest.

i'm not expecting it to be accepted into the show but at least i tried.

now onto other projects!


Lisa B. said...

I declare it the winner!

Seriously--why would they not accept it?

Brit said...

Rakka, that is so awesome. I'd kill for half your creatiivity. MORE EASTER EGGS please!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, pants!!

oh, i dunno'. 'cause there's only one slot open and, like, a billion people are probaly shooting for that one spot.

my odds aren't good when it's me vs a billion.

thanks, brit! what are you talking about?! you're crazy creative with your writing! shuddup!

easter eggs within the week? no, i'll say before easter. i'm having trouble with the exacto blade so i can't give my self a timeline. that's all i'm saying. ;D