Saturday, April 29, 2006

walking on a 2 x 4 landscape

what are you doing on thursday? if you don't live in the immediate seattle area, i'll bet you're not frantically rushing to the henry to be one of 80 people allowed to walk on maya lin's 2 x 4 landscape.

i'll bet you've already guessed that's what i'm going to be doing thursday morning. (thanks to seattlest for the tip.)

hopefully, i'll be able to report that i'm one of the lucky 80. *fingers crossed*

also, please remember if you're in belltown on thurs @ 5th and denny, joe's opening is at caffe bella from 7p-9p. joe's not only one of the coolest people that i know in seattle, he's also an incredible photographer. please drop by cafe bella if you can! it should be an awesome show!

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