Sunday, May 06, 2012

that post where i seem like i'm begging for presents

a lot of you have been asking me what i want for my *cough*th  bday. i am going to make this the official post and say it boldly and in larger font size:

if you have to get me anything, please have it be something that you made or, barring that, regional junk food.

a thing that you might make that i would particularly enjoy?  a mix cd. you don't even have to burn it for me, just zip it up and email it or, idk, dropbox it. yeah, dropbox it like it's hot.

does this clear up matters for everyone?  good.

also, THANK YOU FOR BEING SO KIND AS TO OFFER TO SEND ME THINGS!! i do appreciate it. i am just cranky because i am getting older.

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