Monday, May 07, 2012

cinco de derby + icepo!

the first weekend in may. that means, kentucky derby and also close approximation to cinco de mayo. this year, both things happened on the same day! so leff and i had a little cinco de mayo "party". (read:  it was just us. we don't throw parties here anymore as no one in seattle knows how to attend one.)

anyway, the derby part of cinco de derby involves mint juleps. i hate these and usually only drink part of one FOR SCIENCE but fuji seems to enjoy imbibing them. (leff's photo, btw)

the de mayo part revolves around american style mexican food. here're some chicken soft tacos (leff's photo) with mango salsa and guacamole

and some roasted peppers.

sometimes i roast peppers just to make myself feel better.  i love the aroma. also, you know, burning things.

we had a sort of thanksgiving on sunday since we had to roast the last turkey in the freezer that was left over from november but i didn't feel like taking any photos. (it was sort of like this only with bloody marys 'cause we didn't have prosecco. (also, no pumpkiny things or stuffing because, meh.))

this week i also started a goofy project called icepo! here are the directions if you'd like to participate. (too tired to ctrl c, ctrl v the text. sorries!)

all photos submitted will be placed in that flickr set and also on the tumblr.

last, as usual, is excheckered.

you're such a meathead.


Julianna said...

<3 the Icepo idea! It set a million gears to whirling in my brain.... Hmmmm...

Will the stickers talk about the project? Refer the reader somewhere?

r4kk4 said...

thanks so much!

the stickers are just gonna' say "icepo". i don't think it will be too hard to get that term bumped up to the top of google search. heh. so the person who finds it shouldn't have too difficult of a time finding out what's going on.