Monday, May 14, 2012

presents, stars, ponies and skulls

the dreaded bday (bede day) is rapidly approaching. but because of friends, i am not doing too badly. (get back to me next week. ugh.)

anyway, the wonderful cate MADE ME THIS NECKLACE!!!

it is incredible and i love it and i wear it EVERY DAY!! THANK YOU, CATE!!!

leff surprised me with two books!

THANK YOU, LEFF!!  these were perfect!! (he even included my favorite happ birt joke on the card.)

so, yes, i will be ancient but my friends are awesome. there is some hokey platitude which i will not type. (i do love my innerest circle though.)

what else? last week we watched "look around you". it had a ceefax segment!

i also found inexplicable star glitter on my floor. it happens.

it reminded me to watch "lick the star" again. which, ok, fine. no problem.

the iceponies are starting to roam the earth! kiki sent in two photos from london! (his orig photo here)

instructions for participation are at that link. want it again? here. link, link, link.

here is also a link to excheckered.

poor yorick. blah, blah, blah.

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