Tuesday, June 13, 2006

sm is put out of her missouri, a short roomba review, electroplankton

has blogger decided to not eat my post this time? it has? good.

so i found the most perfect shirt for sm's graduation present:

(available here)

it's appropriate since she's moving from st. louis back to the east coast in august. go sm!

and i can now say after having watched my roomba make crop circles in my carpet every day for around a month that, yes, if you're thinking about buying one, you should. leff and my allergies are both a lot less of a problem (at least indoors)since we've been able to vaccuum every day. also, the roomba is fantastic at what it's designed to do. (and this is from someone that has long hair, a boyfriend and four cats in one place!) plus it's small which is important if you're living in a little apt like mine.

honestly, i can't wait to try out the scooba. if it works as well as the roomba, i'm sure i'll be donating my swiffer to whomever happens to claim it.

best news for today? electroplankton arrived from gamefly. pantufla recommended it to me about a week ago and i cannot WAIT to play it. i'm even putting my "animal crossing" game on hold to do so. that's how much i want to play this game.

so, ta and all that.


Lisa B. said...

Damn blogger is slow today.

I want a roomba, but I think it would give Mr. Gomez a heart attack. The fact that it moved by itself would just flip his lid.

r4kk4 said...

blogger's been a pain for almost a week now. what gives, blogger?!? do you want me to go to vox? is that it??


they suggest in the literature that you should hang out with your pets the first time that you use roomba. but it's built to stop if it comes into contact with tiny paws or tails.

i thought that all of our cats would run away and hide when we used it but all of them excpet for fujiko just go about their normal business while the roomba vaccuums. i was really shocked!

it might help that i've set the virtual wall up so that the roomba can't go into the kitchen which provides the kitties with a safe haven...