Thursday, June 08, 2006

pants = asswich, HAPPY BDAY, NANNY!, dawn of the dead at safeway

first things first. bunchofpants needs your help. she's only number four in a google search for the term "asswich". i'm doing my part here because pants should be number one in asswich returns! (that's a link to a blog entry of hers that has "asswich" in the content. also, "pants should be number one in asswich returns!" is her new campaign slogan if i'm not mistaken.)

if you'd like to play along, just link to one of her asswich blog entries. thanks so much!

today is auntnanny's bday! HAPPY BDAY, NANNY! have some cupcakes!

not much else has been going on this morning (it *is* only 8:41 am here) unless you count the mind numbingly painful trek to safeway to get cat food and litter at around 7 am. grocery stores are like the dawn of the dead at that time of day. everyone is lurching around with their eyes unfocused and i think that i actually heard some guy in the laundry section saying "gaaaaaaaaaaaaaain, uuungh".

i'm going back to sleep.

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