Sunday, June 04, 2006

cake, hello kotaku and aeropause readers!, mario party

oh my god, my head....

i'm still a bit drunk and am starting to become hungover but i promised you cake and cake you shall have!


and these are the mario cupcakes up close.

mushroom cupcakes

a special welcome to those of you that arrived here through aeropause and kotaku! and thanks to both sites for the mention! i wish i had something pithy to say but my head hurts too much for me to muster much pith. how about i give you a "you rock!" and leave it at that?

you rock!

(seriously though, thanks!)

ok, so real quick like-- the mario party. tres fun! uber geeky! i kicked ass at wario ware! (although i secretly think that m let me win. he never loses and could, in fact, game professionally, imho.)

k brought her cutecutecute pink skinned ds

and let me play "super mario world". oh. my. GOD, becky! the super enlarge-o mushroom is AWESOME!! and the butt bounce, ah, it remains a thing of beauty. (yes, i'm giggling at those two sentences. heh heh!)

d brought me the most AWESOME melamine plates!

she's THE GREATEST!!! thank you *SOOOO* MUCH, d! *hugs/kisses!*

she also saved the night by finding some ripe avos for the guacamole! everyone should be so lucky as to have a d!

and, well, what kind of party would it be without a shot of joe in a wig? this is him as "jackie joe".

isn't the resemblance uncanny?

right, i have to go back to sleep now. i think we're going to a "painting party" around 1 ish and it's really not cool to be weilding a roller when your head feels like it's full of concrete.


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