Friday, June 02, 2006

cake, party, origami!, b0rken vids, shonen knife, vinyl, trepanation

so this morning i'm making my "to do" list, as i'm wont to do and after "buy party supplies" i thought, "OH YEAH! i've got this "blog" thing..."

have i mentioned how stupid it was of me to spend all day yesterday alpha testing and cleaning? because, um, hello! earth to rakka! i have to have a finished cake by tomorrow.

this is what i have so far:


part one is finished

and, although this photo doesn't show it, i DO have a finished guiness chocolate cake that i have to carve.

the most brilliant part...

and for good measure, here's me as a master chef, er, i mean, chief.

master chef, er, i mean, chief

(yeah, i know! i'm looking seriously cracked out these days. allergies, kittens. and insomnia. always with the insomnia.)

right, so today i have to make icing. and, you know, use it. and then i have to do prelim prep on foodstuffs and, like, fold some of these guys so i can have them holding little toothpick signs displaying food ingreds so that people with allergies and/or specific diets know what to avoid.

i particularly like the mario in a bunny suit. kawaii!

there's lots of other things on the list as well, but i won't bore you with them.

i will, however, bore you with a photo of our new toys! we got our ningyoushi shipment yesterday!

that's a green, sleepy eyed baboo and another range murata figure. yeah, i know, i need more toys like a hole in the head. but pbbbt to you! 'cause trepanation has been used to treat migraines, you know. (so, technically i could probably use a hole in the head...which means more toys....heeeey!)

ok, so, full circle here. i've got to do that to do list. there might be more photos of the cake later today depending on whether or not i have time.

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