Thursday, June 08, 2006

i am *so* old

how do you know when you're getting old? when you lift a container of cat litter and you throw your stupid mothereffing back out, that's how.

oh, yes. that's what i did this morning at around 10ish. about fifteen ibuprofen later and i still can't even walk properly. which sucks 'cause i've got an esty order to mail and i can't make it to the goddamned p.o. box!


i don't even have a picture to go with this and sitting at the computer is making my back spasm. color me angry. later, chick-a-dees.


Anonymous said...

Rakka! Bummer.
: (


r4kk4 said...

thanks, burnt!

it's feelling a bit better now. but the fact that i get injured so easily has made me reconsider my roller derby dreams. :(