Tuesday, June 06, 2006

rahrahrah and chotda! two fantastic things that are great together in one post!

i just bought two of the most awesome silkscreens from rahrahrah on esty!

i got this version of "king rat"

(more available here)

and this version of "muthafuckin lotus eaters".

(more available here.)

my god. i haven't seen art that talks to me, no, SCREAMS at me this way in a long time. it resonates hardcore with me, baby. and not just because i've always loved both the wunderkammer/rat king legend and the lotus eaters myth (odysseus is t eh bomb, yo!) although that has something to do with it. it's also that mashup of styles--19th century clipartishness mixed with a kick ass free flowing line. i'm *so* hooked!

i want to own everything that rahrahrah makes. i'm that into it.

also in the absolutely awesome vein, chotda's on the molotov cocktail hour tonight from 11-midnight, pst! (that would be a link to kxlu's site. if you live in la, it's 88.9 fm.)

i love chotda. everything she does is AMAZING! so i can't wait to hear the show tonight!

ok, i'm gonna' look at rahrahrah's etsy page again and try not to purchase everything.


Lisa B. said...

D'oh! Tonight means last night, right? D'oh! I missed it.

Santos said...

oh no! did you hear it? we were a little preoccupied so we didn't give it our best effort. the music was good though. if i'm not in vegas, i'll be back next week!

r4kk4 said...

i missed it too! :(

oh no! i've got a dilemma! i hope that you get to go to vegas but i want to hear the show! :D!