Monday, June 19, 2006

the lotion lady, simon

i don't think i've mentioned the lotion lady before. i should have because out of all the people on my regular bus, she's the one that's caught my attention.

oh, i have my reasons. well, one reason in particular.

the other day, she was transferring lotion from a large bottle into a small travel bottle. an odd thing to be doing on the bus on any given day but she was doing this while the bus was standing room only. she was in an almost medatiative state while she pumped, pumped, pumped lotion into the smaller bottle. totally oblivious to everyone else around her. you have to admire that type of concentration...

today she did nothing out of the ordinary. quite disappointing but her mere presence made me feel better pre-coffee. i kept looking at her bag and wondering if it was full of sample products that she'd dutifully refilled.

anyway, here's a video of me playing simon. i know, totally random, but thinking about the lotion lady will disrupt your thought patterns.


Nyx said...

Ah, Simon.That takes me back. I want one now...can you still get em?

r4kk4 said...


i think you can still get them.

there's one online but the sounds aren't the same.