Sunday, June 25, 2006

cult tv, hot hot heat, minusbaby mixes, farmer's market, adicolor mr. men

yesterday i had the loftiest of plans! after work, i was going to catch the pride parade and general festivities at the center. after that i was going drop by the croc for the pillows show. still after that, i was going to swing by greenlake for c&c's housewarming party. a busy day but i could handle it, right?

uh, no. i fell asleep. but seeing as how i don't get nearly as much sleep as i should, i guess it was ok. (sorry about missing the party, c&c.)

i woke up around 10 pmish too cracked out from my nap to do much of anything except play "animal crossing" and watch tv. and, let me tell you, when i saw this

on channel six, i thought i was still asleep or at the very least watching a bad snl skit. but no, sugar smacks, it was real! real live cult tv. the qtip coiffured leader promised to help people learn to "kill their demons" through meditation.


all i can say is that i haven't laughed so hard in weeks!

today is hot. well, not by southern u.s. standards but it's hot enough to put ice cubes in the cats' water. i'm loving that summer is finally here but i'm *seriously* happy that we don't live in portland where it's supposed to be around 100 this week. (er, that's around 38 in c for those of you that live in civilized countries that use the metric system.)

minusbaby posted some awesome mixes that he's made on his site. oh, they're so good! thanks for posting those, mb! i'm gonna' go burn them right now so i have tunes to listen to while i'm oot and aboot! (i hope he doesn't kill me for pointing you to those...please tread gently on his bandwidth. (that's kind of a joke since i know that there are only five of you that read this site.)

speaking of being oot and aboot, i need to wake leff up so we can hit the farmer's market. i hope that guy that sells giant onions

is still there. 'cause his fruit and veg rock.

before i go, here's an adicolor ad featuring the mr. men that the youtubetastic alberto sent my way. (thanks, alberto! *hugs!* please keep those clips coming!)


Pip said...

boo, tomorrow will hit 32C in the oooo arrr bit of the UK. That's like mega, mega hot for us. We're going to melt until all you can see is a bowler hat on top of a puddle of tea!

r4kk4 said...

oh noes! :(

i think it's funny that you're all made of frozen tea. ;D

Pip said...

At least we're not made of iced ink, right? :)

r4kk4 said...

ha ha! you stink!

*dancing in a circle!

tee hee!!