Friday, June 09, 2006

girly guitars, more amigurumi

today, i'm all about guitars. do you have to ask why? have i not mentioned that i want to front an all girl, hardcore, britney spears cover band complete with kfed backup dancers?

huh, i thought i'd mentioned that....

anyway, if i ever get motivated enough to actually start the band (it would require me to go blonde. and also learn the lyrics to britney spears songs. i'm still not sure about either of those things...) i can't decide if i want a hello kitty strat or one of the pink daisies. i've played one of the daisies before and we got along ok. hmmmmm.....

rock star dreams aside, my back is still hurting so i have to cut this short. have i shown you the little octopus that leff got me for my bday?

*so* cute! (it's not only guitars that i'm obsessing over at the moment, it's also squid and octopus. expect drawings if i can ever stop being in pain.)

ta! hope the world cup's going well for you!


jrhyley said...

Oh man, I am there. Front row. That would so be t3h rock.

r4kk4 said...

awesome!! :D!!

i'll let you know when we tour your area of the country. ;D

love your tony shirt, btw.