Monday, June 26, 2006


my favorite postal worker laughed at me today. as he was handing me some priority mail from nc he stated that he should start charging me for delivery since i get more packages than anyone else on his route! HAHAH!!

and SPEAKING of packages, OH MY GOD!! nanny and pants sent me the most AWESOME PRESENTS!!! my initial reaction in which i drop the f-bomb several times in a row: (if, you know, you're sensative to profanity, you've been warned--don't watch this vid.)

(have you noticed how i have a tendency to start all videos with the word "ok'? you have? yeah, i'm trying to work on that... also, i don't know how i can manage to hit dog hearing register with my voice. must be the estrogen...)

seriously though, i've REALLY been wanting those nintendo mints!! could you tell? (heh heh)

and now, after i've gained some composure... (well, not reallly. how could i? *awesome package!!*)

was i a saint in my former life? is that why i got such an awesomely, fantasticly, wonderfully amazing package? (an aside: please know that i am not claiming former sainthood. that would be extremely laughable.) THANK YOU, NANNY AND PANTS!

but THAT'S NOT ALL!! jens sent me a summer burn!!

i LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE jens' mixes! they fit any and every occasion! people ask me who made them! seriously! you should be so lucky as to have a jens mix!! (THANK YOU, JENS!!)

and now i'm going to listen to all the awesome music i got to day! me = lucky!


Brit said...

Rakka, you're a nut!

r4kk4 said...

i AM!! :D!

Irregular Shed said...

I'm sure you could've squealed a bit more than that! =)

Lisa B. said...

You get so many packages because you get so gosh darned happy about it. So it's like people go "The world sucks. Where is all the joy? Maybe I'll send Rakka a package and her happiness will infect all the people of all the lands ..."

r4kk4 said...

i could have, shed, but i might've sploded. ;D

hee hee! thanks, pants! :D! (and thanks again for the package!)