Monday, June 12, 2006

a quick volcano post

did you watch krakatoa: volcano of destruction last night on the discovery channel?

you didn't? what the hell is wrong with you?

all kidding aside, i was quite surprised by how good the show was despite it's horrible "desert storm" name. (you know, "operation: death by lahars" or "operation: pumice to the head". pretty much anything with a colon is a "desert storm" name. (no, not that kind of colon. sheesh!)) "krakatoa" was based on some survivors' diaries and logs which made for a more intriguing take on the situation than the usual "people died. it was bad. it could happen again." crap. here's a link to the diaries if you're interested. (hey, pants! make sure to click through!)

does anyone know of any good books on krakatoa? i'll even read things about anak krakatau. otherwise known as krakatau 2: back with a vengence.

ok, that's all.


Lisa B. said...

What's wrong with me is I have sub-basic cable, and it doesn't include the Discovery Channel. So I din't get to watch it. You're a Krakhead.

Get it?

I krak myself up.

r4kk4 said...

oh noes!!

maybe you can torrent it. or, you know, it'll probably be on dvd soon so you could rent it!

i am a krakhead. (your saying that almost made me choke on my pizza and die because i was laughing so much. ;D)