Monday, June 05, 2006

hi-life, i heart jens, irked tofu

okok, today. yeah, it was busy again. work was as it always is. but i had lunch with leff and a at the hi-life.

and in the mail i received the most awesome of awesome postcards from jens!

i honestly went "EEEEEE!" when i saw it in my post box! thankfully, no one was around to hear me. (which begs the question, if no one can hear a rakka say "EEEEE!" did it really happen?)

i also got my irked tofu from button arcade.

sooo cute! and he goes well with the resident chef at casa rakkaleff!

still waiting on ups to redeliver my ds. i have "animal crossing" to play. k and m both have friend codes! i want my package, dammit! (that reminds me--any of you have a friend code for "animal crossing wild world" that you'd like to share? email me at rakkadeer [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll swap! i'll be the person living in "cupcake". heh heh)

oh kay. those dishes from the party aren't going to clean themselves. which means i need to, you know, make things sanitary again.

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