Tuesday, June 06, 2006

i bore you with animal crossing

here's a brief update of my animal crossing activity. my character is cute. she has pink ponytails and geek glasses. also, in this photo, she's wearing a "rage against the machine" style shirt. (although now, inside the game, she's wearing a tuxedo dress that makes her look like a priest.)

(sorry it's so supersaturated. it's the only way i could get the game to show up.)

after i get the produce shipment and pick up my reserved books at the library, i'm either headed to the center or uptown to use some free wifi so i can get my friend code. (we don't have wifi in the apt yet. *sad* equally sad, i don't think that the queen anne branch of the library has wireless access.)

and that's all i'm saying about animal crossing. belive me, i could go on at considerable length about this game. i've been known to play the gamecube version for eight hours straight. (yeah, i know. you wouldn't think that there would be enough to do in the game for eight hours, but i found things to do.)

someone has an addictive personality. and that someone is me.

promise next post will contain minimal ac info. *pinky swear!*

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