Sunday, June 11, 2006

game on! game on!!

thanks to about three days of rest (and some darvocet) my back was feeling good enough to where leff and i could take in the game on exhibit at the pacific science center.

oh my GOD! did i tell you about this earlier? 100 games!!! that are PLAYABLE!!!!

best. museum exhibit. EVAR!!!

seriously, here's a part of the floor.

there's WAAAAY more than that. WAAAAY more!

when you enter the exhibit, you're greeted by this lovely pong machine.

and after you go around the corner there are two computer space machines. here's one of them.

so sexy!

the exhibit covers everything from spacewar to current gen consoles. oh, and the ds lite.

(that's leff playing brain age.)

also included was a small section of miyamoto sketches for gamecube. here's mario.

and an "educational" section (which was next to ddr) and which included a speak and say. i have more photos and vid. and i'm going to post them. i can hear you now...'re saying. yeah, well, it WAS great! so, you know. shuddup!

right, another section was devoted to the 25 cent machines. i have to take issue with the ms pac man machine. the ms wasn't as peppy as i'm used to so i didn't make it through as far as i usually do. but still, i got to play it many times in a row, so i can't complain too much.

galaga continued to make me its bitch. it always happens.

and i still suck at parappa

because i can never remember what order the ps2 buttons are in. *sigh*

i DID, however, kick leff's butt at street fighter ii turbo.

two guesses as to which character i was. (a hint: i didn't play as ken.)

there was also a mame machine and in the same section there was a space invaders table straight out of pizza hut.

leff played lots of games and somehow managed to get lara croft to run in a straight line. (he's amazing, i tells ya!)

no great exhibit is complete without a visit to the gift shop.

yes. freeze-dried mario and link on a stick. mmmmm.

did i mention that we spent three hours at pacsci? and that we're going back? it's almost worth buying a membership to the museum just to save on admission fees.

right, i've bored you with this long enough. plus, you know, i'm exhausted. i think i'll go play "animal crossing" to unwind.



JVK said...

Brilliant! I always liked Defender, Moon Cresta, Galaxians, Missile Command... nice to see the machines in use again.

Brian W. said...

ohmygod. that sounds fantastic! i wonder if the show is traveling? i would go back and back and back again....

r4kk4 said...

it's *such* an awesome exhibit, jvk! it was put together by the barbican art gallery in london with collaboration with the national museums of scotland. (maybe it will make its way back to your part of the world?)

it's INCREDIBLE, kk!! i'm not sure if it's a touring exhibit or not. (you'd think that it would be since it's from the u.k. but it doesn't say anything definitive on either the web site or the literature. sorry. :(