Wednesday, June 07, 2006

sushi, wasabi monster, butterstick!, cupcakes

today has been a day for sushi!

and wasabi monsters.

(i've still got an 06.06.06 glow about me.)

also, butterstick is in the front of my brain again.

more than likely because i bought butter this morning. (and lookit! that's the first "regularly" shaped stick of butter that i've bought since i moved here! crazy-go-nuts!)

i'm making cupcakes today. should i tell you what they're going to be? nah, i'll keep it a secret for a while. a hint, however: they're not video game related. sorry.

and that's about all i've had going on this morning. i mean, unless you want me to talk about "animal crossing". nah, didn't think you wanted me too. *wink*

cupcake photos and vid coming later today!


haiku_girl said...

What is the deal with the odd shaped butter in these parts? The first batch of cookies I made here almost didn't make it past the creaming stage. I nearly doubled the butter thinking the squaty Seattle sticks were half of the longer, leaner Minneapolis sticks. I realized the error of my ways before I ruined the best ever cranberry toffee oatmeal cookies. Mmmm.

r4kk4 said...

it's *so* weird!!

i've been assured that u.k. butter is measured in short, fat sticks so it makes me think that it's got to do with seattle being so close to canadaland.

omg! cranberry toffee oatmeal cookies sound DEVINE!!