Monday, March 23, 2009

some things we've done since i last wrote

i would apologize for not being around this blog much anymore buuut, no. i'm still enjoying the break.

leff and i have been busy as usual. but since most of it is busywork, etc, i'll just give you three highlights.

i caught the "lucy's legacy" exhibit at pacsci before the fossil skipped town.

since i didn't use the audio wand thing (i hate those.) i skipped ahead of most of the people who had entered the exhibit with me. this meant that i had lucy to myself for the most part which was incredible.

leff, b, c and i made it to the second rat city roller girls' bout at the key.

lots of fun! but beer is ridiculously overpriced, of course.

this weekend, leff and i were lucky enough to be able to walk on the viaduct while it was closed.

fantastic! (leff has better pictures, naturally.)

while on the tour we found out that our lease expires roughly around the time that work on the second phase of mercer ave construction begins. so it will be adios to lqa for us!

for real. i have no desire to navigate nor listen to that.

let's see...what else? oh, yes! i'm abandoning my twitter account again. no reason other than that i'm bored with it. if leff and i do any traveling as we're planning on doing later in the year, i might reactivate it then. 'cause i KNOW how much everyone enjoys reading about when my flight has landed.

k, i've got to start embroidering for my next show. (i'll post updates regarding that one as they become available.)

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