Friday, February 15, 2008

two birds, one stone and a brief trip to the library

about a week ago, i promised everyone who voted for me in the seattle metblogs competition that if they clicked on my corresponding button (second box, "glitter pissing" (many thanks in advance!)) i would post a photo of some cupcakes for them. voila! chocolate cupcakes with raspberry jam centers and a dusting of confectioner's sugar.

these do, in fact, kill two birds with one stone because they're also for thingaday. (new theme this week, "flora and fauna" but more about that in a minute.)

anyway, if i make it to the next round in competition, i'll post a picture of my tiny cat fujiko and a cupcake surrounded by hearts.

the cuteness will kill you. vote for me!

okok, enough stumping. did you know that this itbc sticker gets the "simon in the land of chalk drawings" theme stuck in my head?

it does. 'cause i see it and think "hello my name is diamond/and i like to do drawings."

100% fact.

anyway, i left the snuggly, snuggly warmth of my apartment to pick up a copy of i, coriander at the library. it's good! i'm recommending it to my little cousin and my neice/nephew-to-be embryo once it can read. (the embryo is also getting this onesie because it has "kiss" on the ass and that's the kind of aunt i'm gonna' be.)

ok, what? where was i? right. library. the kid's section is even more candy colored than the rest of the place. there are also cute poufy seats on the floor that look kinda' like giant pills.

mmm...giant pills....*drooling*

er, let's get back to the flora and fauna thing. i watched a cute puppy (with equally cute owner) play fetch.

he's no uno but, you know, who is?

here's a nonmigratory crane!

and a "heartworm" (for thingaday).

there's also been a bufalo sighting at suspect and fugitive.

if you want to carry the whole animal theme into your weekend, you should catch the steel tigers of death (myspace) on saturday at vera.

std goes *great* with valentine's day weekend.

i can't believe i just typed that....


joey said...

hell yea! go STD!

still best band name EVER.

r4kk4 said...

it is!

morgan rocks too.

are you gonna' be there?

Anonymous said...

ahh rakka, you rock! simon in the land of chalk drawings!!! how's i've missed him and had that intro song in my head for all these years. if you made a simon tshirt i would buy it in a hot minute! thanks for the blast from the past!
Elise (from the thingaday cookies :)

Aaron said...

That last picture reminds me that Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

r4kk4 said...

hey, elise! thanks for dropping by!! :D!

how about if i make a template of simon for use in a freezer paper stencil and then post it, along with a link to directions on how to freezer paper stencil?

that's nuts, aaron. i hope you're not diagramming the that! HAHAHA!