Friday, February 22, 2008

cheeto brit, heartly cloudy bunny + some empty buildings

thurday i didn't comb the beaches of seattle looking for space rubble from the downed satellite as i'd originally planned. (which is good since none of it fell in our area.) no, i stayed inside and blitzed a snack bag of cheetos to make a britney spears.

it's serves double duty in that it's for suspect and fugitive and thingaday.

in case you were wondering, one of the small bags makes about a cup and a half of the greasiest, most disgusting powder in the orange food group.

orange, of course, being the tastiest of the four groups since it also includes creamsicles and sunkist soda.

bunny in memphis (hello, bunny! *hugs!*) got the "heartly cloudy" shrinky dink that i sent to her. here is the awesome photo that she took with it!

(original here.)

i heart bunny! you should check out her 365 set. there's some really amazing stuff in there!

it's too early to get excited about the end of winter, isn't it?

damn, i knew you'd say that. you and punxsutawney phil are such killjoys...

can i tell you how thrilled i am that the ballard denny's is saved? i say this as a lover of both googie and sticking it to the man. but who, i ask you, who will stand up for the poor chinese restaurant on the corner of queen anne and mercer that has closed its doors?

no one. besides, i'm kidding. i ate there, like, once and it was "meh" at best.

i am kinda' sad about these two houses being torn down in lqa though.

that sadness will quickly turn to anger if they were wrecked for condos. ESP if construction wakes me up at 7:30.

what say i nip this anger in the bud with some sticker pics?


Cid said...

voted for you...found you from Thing a Day :) Just looked at your profile and we're both Gemini and Rats, for what it's worth, lol. It's our year, so enjoy and keep up the amazing cheeto art... ;)

r4kk4 said...

thanks so much, cid! :D!

yeah, i am a bit of a ratty gemini. hahah! i hope you have a great year too! :D!

Camilla said...

I'm consistently blown away by your mad skills with food stuffs.

r4kk4 said...

omg, thanks! :D!

i'm really blushing!