Monday, February 25, 2008

easter eggs, ratburger, tubesand and one sunny weekend

first up, hello to any craftzine readers who've clicked through from suspect and fugitive! (and thanks to michelle for the kind mention!)

spring is most definitely in the air in seattle. you know what happens when i start shaking off the shackles of winter? i make easter eggs like bender

and this "juno" one. (pregnant easter eggs make me laugh.)

(both for thingaday)

i also watch a lot of clint eastwood movies.

(for the aforementioned suspect and fugitive)

this weekend's BIG news, however, was the arrival of MY NEW LAPTOP!!

i've never owned my own computer before so i almost DIED when i found out that leff had gotten me one! (best. bf. EVAR!!!)

yes, it's called ratburger.

have i ever mentioned how much i like things in tubes? tube socks, tubeworms and now tubesand.

i saw that on one of the many walks that leff and i took this weekend. wanna' see what else we saw at myrtle edwards?

how about the top of queen anne hill?

we were in uqa because of the new top pot location.

on sunday, we joined m and n on a trip to the id. we not only got a region free dvd player, kim chi and squid ink but also a sterotypical snap of the new gate.

this photo is for slogrl.

how was your party last night? did you enjoy the awards show? do tell, chica!

have i told you one of the things that i love about seattle residents? when people see lost items of clothing, they pick them up off of the ground.

really, guys. that's so nice!

k, sticker time. then i need to go heal. i busted my knee again yesterday. (i KNOW! you don't have to tell me i'm clumsy. i'm painfully aware of that.)


Anonymous said...

you are the best rakka! yes, it was a good show. (read: gary busey was a good show)

r4kk4 said...


i don't know what gary busey did. was he insane? must google!