Wednesday, February 06, 2008

thingsadays, i make it to a book club

i'm almost finished with my first week of "thingaday". week two will bring about a change in theme which means that you will no longer see such things as this hello kitty bento

or this cup noodle freezer paper stenciled shirt.

yesterday was cup noodle day! the above stencil led to this cup noodle made of, well, cup noodles for "suspect and fugitive".

have i mentioned "suspect and fugitive"? because, you know, i could talk about it... (heh heh heh.)

so yeah. like i said in the title, i actually, really and truly made it to a book club meeting at the library on tuesday.

this is a kinda a big deal for me. first off because i read all of water for elephants in one evening. (helloooo, headache!) secondly, and most importantly, i went to a freakin' book club meeting.

i'm sure that you regular readers have never ever noticed my propensity to become even more reclusive during the winter.

*clearing throat. staring at floor*

so, um, my sansa tried to die on me yesterday while i was on the bus.

it got stuck on an editors song that i don't particularly care for and then nothing until its battery gave out hours later. thankfully, after a recharge, it seems to be doing well. *fingers crossed*

ok, my little condiments, i'm off to work on another disposable art thing. i'll post a link for you tomorrow so you can throw a vote my way in the seattle metblogs competition. you know, if you feel like it.


you're welcome.

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