Friday, February 01, 2008

two new projects for feb plus some other stuff

feb 1st. deadline time for me. today i started my year long project, suspect and fugitive. i'll be making a thing a day out of suspect (questionable) and fugitive (nonarchival) materials. like this peanut butter on whole wheat toast.

it might be fun to watch how long it takes me to go nuts with this. i would enjoy that aspect if i wasn't stuck in the middle of the process.

anyway, project two is thing a day.

my theme this week is "japan" or, better yet, "japanese pop culture". i'm sure you're not surprised. here's day one's entry.

kawaii, no?

somewhere in the midst of all this...uh...stuff, i managed to get my passport!

hells yes! i can buy all of the super duper strength tylenol from canada that i want now!

see also, british chocolates, cheap mescal from mexico and everything from kiddyland.

mail call this week (aside from passport and w2 forms), one lovely, lovely natty bo glass.

'cause some things about balmer don't suck. (see: john waters, charm city cakes, pb tasty kakes, carolina style bbq utz, avam and atomic books/pop. hi, racheal!!)

two last things: 1) new tiny prints at etsy that are good for joy division lovers, cassingle freaks or just people who like bad puns.

available in blue and green. (yes, that's my original tape of "licensed to ill". i still rock the magnetic technology from time to time.)

2) seattle metblogs has listed me in the blarch badness competition again this year. (i'm in the "art/fashion/photography" section) many thanks, mb kids!

if you, kind reader, would like to give me a vote, swing on by their site on the 7th and click the button. i'll post a reminder the day of. (many thanks and kisses, btw if you do. plus i'll make you a cupcake.)

remember, i'll be posting new photos daily at suspect and fugitive and i'll be back here on monday.


Lisa B. said...

Um, don't make anything out of poop, OK? Please?

r4kk4 said...

meh, shit's been done to death.

besides, i'm not THAT into process. ;D

Spork and Glue said...

Charm City Cakes? ... really? I haven't tasted any of their cakes, but I can't spend a month's rent just to try one.

r4kk4 said...

yeah, they're expensive but they're puuuurty! i can't afford one either but i like looking at them!