Wednesday, February 20, 2008

bunnies, deer, obama and some band aids

i haven't done anything exciting since you were last here. you might argue that i never do anything exciting and, yeah, i'd have to concede your victory on that point. you, ftw.

still, i took a break from soaking up vitamin d outside and working to make some pink dough. look! there are buns that are ready to go into the oven!

ed note: that's as close as any bun is ever getting to *my* oven. *ba doom ching*

when i finished baking, i had a whole bunny army

that went to work with leff

and then attacked his officemates! or at least their plants.

(photo by lily. original here.)

in other wildlife news? no, it's not news really. oh, whatever. here's a jagermeister wash drawing made with jager left over from new year's eve.

for suspect and fugitive.

want to see how sneaky leff can be? he ordered me valentine's presents!

reading is sexy. it's true! it's written on a shirt and tshirts never lie. (unless they say things like "larry the cable guy is funny" or "hottentots are hottennot" because that's just a stupid 17th century way of thinking. they're named the khoikhoi anyway. jerk.)

anyway, chotda, my ally in cuteness, sent me some wonderful hk band aids!

thank you, chotda!! bleeding is always less stressful when it can be covered by the cat!

and that sums up the past two days. (nicely? not so much.) time to get back to work.


santos. said...

the bunnies on a diagonal almost look like the continental united states.

sort of speaking of cats, have you seen garfield minus garfield? brilliant!

r4kk4 said...

oh noes! i was being unintentionally geocentric! :(

i hadn't seen garfield minus garfield before. that is INCREDIBLE!!! thank you!