Friday, June 13, 2014

i can almost start working on this new thing that i can't talk about!

yay! i got 3/4 of my blick order today! this means that i can start working on this new thing that i can't tell you about on monday! well, i mean, if the motherfucking salt water rednecks and shit forsaken moss people of this fucking state will LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE i can start work on monday. also, you know, if the last quarter of my order arrives. 

i'm not sure which is more important. i lie. i would like all the assholes in washington state to go jump in the fucking sound. (the water displacement of so many (there are sooo many) would surely cause a catastrophic tsunami.)

i do apologize for being so secretive about, well, almost everything lately. it's just there are a lot of nondisclosure agreements involved. it's not that i hate you, i'm just *not* able to discuss certain (very incredible, very wonderful) things in public. thanks for understanding.

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