Monday, June 16, 2014

me tienen hasta los huevos...

...and i have come to realize i will feel exactly that way until i move. still! this weekend was not all bad! we had a plate of sandwiches

and i read an advance copy of  the fever (so good! but everything megan abbott writes is great.), and regular copies of both we were liars and the vacationers.  honestly, you can not go wrong with any of these three books. they are greatly complimentary so, hey, read them as a trio! (don't even start about ya, btw. if a story is well told, it's for everyone. (p.s.-- if you have not figured out that slate is inflammatory click bait, then i despair for your reading comprehension. (not really. i don't care. i'm not your goddamned mother/grading you.)))

anyway, time to get to work. i cannot believe that i will be needing a lint brush for this commission but, ha, i so will.

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