Monday, July 19, 2010

some things and a trip to poulsbo

you might recall that garden that i've given up on since we're not having summer in the pnw this year. surprisingly, it has finally yielded something other than just lettuce, dill and chives. behold the first peas!

there were only five pods in the first "harvest" but that was enough for a snack.

a few new things arrived at casa rakkaleff last week. our new old globe!

we can now locate where we would have been in 1960. with topographic detail!

also, i got what we are now referring to as an "adventure bag". (because it resembles something from "raiders".)

i love this thing. it's small but still holds cameras, my watercolor set, sketchbooks and "adventure food" (you know, granola) with room left for a trendy yet vaguely literary trade paperback.

on saturday, c, b, leff and i headed to poulsbo. our original intent was to see laura's log (you know, where laura palmer was found washed up on shore) but there was a private event at the lodge and we didn't want to crash.

instead, we ended up at a beer tasting at the europa bottleshop.

we also picked up "cinnamon volcanoes" (leff's term for these cinnamon buns from sluy's.)

they're even more delicious than you can imagine.

i'll end with the customary cat photo.

i've got big fish demos to play and games to buy. (i finished "the great gatsby" saturday morning. i know, it sounds weird but it's actually FUN!)

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