Monday, July 05, 2010

a monday in july

oh, look! this week it's a return to form!

amazingly enough, it turns out that leff and i didn't have mono. we're still not sure what it was though since his voice mail message cut out in the middle of the test results.

i suppose it doesn't really matter though as we're both feeling a LOT better. (thanks for the concerned emails, btw.)

so, what new other than a return to health? a new rug for the living room.

we moved the tweed rugs into leff's office and the bedroom where they make more sense.

the hydrangeas are blooming.

so are the day lilies. i have, however, for all intents and purposes given up on the garden except for lettuce. it's still only in the low 60's in the pnw without much sun. so, yeah. this growing season is fucked.

just like everyone else, i found my old gbv cds.

i still love them. i'm not going to the matador reunion though as i've already seen robert pollard play plenty of times. i'm sure it will be a fucking incredible show though.

now though, i've got to get some weeding done. have some fuji pictures.

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