Tuesday, June 29, 2010


oh, look. it's tuesday.

here's the thing. i may or may not have mono. leff and i are waiting on test results. all i know at this point is that 1) it's not strep 2) it is impossible to do anything without having to rest for two hours afterward.

case in point: yesterday i dyed my hair red. i could barely manage to rinse out the conditioner before i had to sit and do nothing for, like, five years.

so, you know, i'll be around. possibly. the stupid fucking awesome show will still be going up but i'm not making new paintings at the moment.

good news: my tumblr is now reactivated after a super long hiatus. it's much easier to deal with than regular blogs at the moment so there's that to read if you're bored.

back sometime.

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