Monday, June 14, 2010

a lot of things happened and i don't have photos

so, the opening happened. it went fairly well. i lied when i told you that i was going to take a lot of pictures though. i was too busy talking to people.

(thanks to j for the "slurpee".)

i'd rather not talk about my friday. let's instead look at clouseau.

sat, leff and i went to the warhol exhibit at sam.

i really enjoyed it but it would have been MUCH better if the sound from the hideous "kurt" display wasn't leaking into the warhol galleries. it was like being assaulted by bad, super pretentious 90's video installation. (i suppose it technically *was* bad, super pretentious 90's video installation...)

food wise we found a really great pan asian restaurant and an honest to god deli. we also had some coffee from trabant before picking up some edmund crispin books at the mystery bookstore.

i've got to catch up on painting now. see you next week.

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