Monday, June 21, 2010

fatigue and pickle chips

i think i might be inadvertently trying to break the world record for the most colds caught in one year. most of last week i was, you guessed it, sick again.

one bright point in the midst of all the fatigue was receiving a package full of pickle chips from padre and my step mom!

also nice: leff booked our train tickets to slotown later in the year! yeah, the train. i'm not flying again unless there's 1) a funeral 2) an oversea destination involved. screw domestic flights.

tv viewing has been a constant during this cold. leff and i watched both seasons of "party down" (can't wait for the season finale on friday!) and have gotten through the first disc of "tales of the gold monkey". also, "daria".

i'm going back to sleep. i have to mow the lawn in a bit and need all the rest i can get.

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