Monday, June 25, 2012

another dreary, slow week

judging from the sunlight in this first photo, you would think that the title of this post was not accurate. "there is sunlight!" you might say!

yeah, well, for about 15 minutes. whatever.

i have been trying to make the best of things by drinking summer drinks.  here is a bastardized negroni. (i added some oj instead of using an orange slice.)

and i made pimm's cups. but that is nothing new.

i have also been spicing things up

by continuing to work through the 660 curries book.

the above would be some sort of vinegary chicken and some curried chickpeas. both dishes were delicious.

i could not really say the same of the failed crumpets that i made.

i mean, they tasted ok but they were really sad looking.

you know what else doesn't really work? the party city gimp.

you can see the gimp in action by clicking here. i am so hoping that this can be viewed outside of the u.s.

guess what ends today?

that's right! excheckered! here's a picture of all 538 bound collages.

let's hope something fun happens this next week. i would like to have something interesting to write about.

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