Monday, June 04, 2012

a few things happened but mainly i was sick

between being ill and drawing icepos  i did not get too much done this past week. in fact, the major highlight besides putting my glasses and headphones on my robot

was making queso fresco from some raw milk that leff picked up at the bodega. i halved this recipe and came up with this unintentionally heart shaped cheese.

which i then baked. delicious!

oh wait! i participated in kiki's new project.

but i did not do much with excheckered as it is autoposting (and doesn't need my help) for about another two weeks.

bonus video:  did you know that it's really hard to surprise yourself with those candles that relight if you were the person who 1) bought them 2) lit them? it's true. i wasn't surprised by this at all.

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