Monday, June 18, 2012

HAWKING and some other assorted things

i can't believe that i didn't mention it here (as i have been TALKING ABOUT IT NONSTOP EVERYWHERE ELSE!) but leff and i GOT TO SEE STEPHEN HAWKING!!! here is a really terrible picture

and also a write up on msnbc. i don't want to go to much into it because, if i'm honest, the only other part of the evening that was any good was jack horner's talk.

seriously, i honestly CANNOT BE ARSED to write about the travesty that is, sigh, evolutionary rap or why, exactly, an interpretive dance about euclidean geometry could not have been presented in an abbreviated version. no, i really don't care about either of those things but i will not let it get to me because I GOT TO SEE HAWKING!!

i was so excited about it that i made this shirt.

the rest of my week was not nearly as thrilling. i rearranged the living room. here is a bad picture of that.

and leff and i burned through all of the "gavin and stacey" that finally became available through prime streaming. it was lush.

i am working my way through this curry cookbook that i got from the library.

i also made that nigella pomegranate and lime no churn ice cream thing.

told you the rest of the week was dull compared to hawking.

other news? excheckered ends this week. also, icepo is still happening.

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