Monday, July 02, 2012

huh. it's july.

still nothing going on around here. unless you count my planning for my upcoming vacation. (i am but you shouldn't. watching me read sites and travel books would be boring.)

so food and bev. or more accurately, bev and "food". this cucumber soda would make imbibing a comma splice a hell of a lot easier.

but eating cheez snack will not improve anything.

kiki sent me two tracy emin tube maps and a commentary on them as well! ha!! thanks again, k!!

fwiw, i don't normally like tracey emin's stuff. but, you know, bird on the northern line. i have been a bird on the northern line. it amuses me so much (well, for about two minutes.).

anyway, anyway, i worked a bit this week. started carving another book.

hand willing, this will be a series.

and, of course, i started another tumblr because that is what i do when i am bored. carnivore milk. click through for the description if you want it. i am too tired to cut + paste.

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