Saturday, December 24, 2011

happy some holiday. have a comma splice.

earlier this week i started thinking. i thought to myself, i thought "you know what this world needs? another gin based drink." and so i set out to create the comma splice.

i'm not sure if you know this but it is difficult to come up with a new drink. it is even more difficult to write about it when you've been hungover for two days. so in the interest of brevity and keeping my breakfast down, i'm not going to show you all of the failed cocktails we imbibed. instead, here are the simple ingredients that you will need to make a comma splice.

i'm not brand endorsing. use whatever. just know that you will need gin, a citrus soda of some sort, a cucumber, some sort of grater so that you can do this to the cucumber

(that video goes on for a bit. apologies. we had had a smidge to drink by this point and i didn't feel like video editing.

result: )

and some paper towels through which to strain the juice from the cuke pulp.

you might want to make that two paper towels instead of just doubling up on the one. or, hell, use a strainer. whatever. just get the cucumber juice over ice. maybe do this before you're semi trashed.

after that, add gin and soda (pick your proportions. i tend to go heavy on the gin. surprise.) stir. garnish with cucumber slices and drink the fuck out of this shit.

ed note:  if this is already another named drink somewhere, i don't want to know. i did "due diligence" google research and found similar but not the same recipe.

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